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1. “even though i’m an engineer and an analytical person at heart, the most important decisions i’ve ever made had nothing to do with any of that,” he told an interviewer at duke university, where he studied for an mba, last year. “they were always based on intuition.”
2. 《死侍》将于2016年2月12日爆笑上映。 当然,电影中还有不少动作和杀戮场景。
3. chinese insurers saw their profits implode in the first six months of 2016.
4. 专注于新兴市场的基金集团经历了难熬的一年,安本(aberdeen)和安石(ashmore)的资产管理规模都严重缩水。新兴市场交易所交易基金(etf)也遭遇大规模赎回,etf.com数据显示,投资者从贝莱德(blackrock)旗下基金ishares msci emerging markets以及先锋(vanguard)富时新兴市场(ftse emerging markets)撤出95亿美元。
5. 8. 斯特吉尔·辛普森(sturgill simpson),《乡村音乐的大现代之声》(matamodern sound in country music),high top mountain。一支极为聪敏的乐队做出复古的改革:乡村乐中曾经发生过这样的事。但在斯特吉尔·辛普森突破性的第二张专辑中,他把这一点变成了可适应环境的标志,就建立在他那动人而通透的男中音之上。
6. 今年夏季,美国etf管理的资产规模跨过3万亿美元大关,亚太etf行业管理的资产仅成功爬上3500亿美元关口。
1. 《嘻哈帝国》(empire),fox,周三播出。这部最新的嘻哈乐肥皂剧的导演是电影人李·丹尼尔斯(lee daniels),他曾执导《珍爱》(precious)和《白宫管家》(lee daniels’ the butler))。片中泰伦斯·霍华德(terrence howard)饰演一个身患致命疾病的说唱乐大明星。
2. ['t?l?ntid]
3. “不能再采取某些国家先行动,其他国家随后行动的策略,因为时间不多了,”奥斯陆国际气候与环境研究中心(center for international climate and environmental research)的科学家格伦·p·彼得斯(glen p. peters)说。他也参与了这些新数据的编制。“现在需要大家齐心协力。”
4. de加强语义,sign标记,er表示人-做标记的人-设计者
5. we learned about the lingering toll of this frightening epidemic.
6. lawrence yun, the trade group's chief economist, expects the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to hit 5.5% at year-end, up from 4.5% late last year and 3.5% in the first half of 2013. that's a sharp runup in a short period of time, one that could harm affordability and spook even more buyers.
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3. during last year's lfw, there were 250 anti-fur protesters, the guardian reported, and a show in february saw an activist storm the stage at a mary katrantzou show.
4. trium跃升3名,击败由凯洛格管理学院(kellogg school of management)与香港科技大学(hkust)联合推出的课程,后者多年来一直高居排行榜榜首。这是trium首次登上排行榜榜首,也是14年来第四个登上榜首的课程。
5. 以下10种妖魔就像无人机一样,瞄准了股市、债市和世界经济:
6. “有个女员工说自己去买靴子,但再也没露过面。”
1. “total new business increased at a modest pace that was little-changed from october. however, november data indicated that foreign demand continued to soften, with the latest expansion of new export business the slowest since june. ”
2. 《前第一夫人要求伊斯兰教变得宽容并支持女权》(a former first lady presses on for a tolerant, feminist islam)
3. are the political upheavals of 2016 — brexit and america’s election of donald trump — a triumph of democracy or a threat to it? democracies must respond to legitimate grievances.
4. coca-cola ceo muhtar kent
5. appearance
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1. 1. buy expensive tailored clothing that only sort of fits so that most of the time your buttons appear to be just seconds from bursting.
2. adapted from an online novel queen of no.11 agent, the tv series is about the adventure of a female slave chu qiao and her romance with a prince yan xun.
3. theresa may is still facing resistance from within her own party. vince cable, the liberal democrats’ sage and leader, still thinks brexit may not really happen.



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    9.we here in the uk want nothing more than to provide you, our guests, with a fantastic experience this summer, combining the best in international sport, brilliant facilities, fantastic entertainment and a cultural legacy that draws on centuries of excellence in art and architecture. if you ended up with four tickets for the wrestling at the excel centre, well, better luck next time.

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    这部由塞巴斯蒂安.马拉比(sebastian mallaby)所著的《知者:格林斯潘传》(the man who knew),是这项奖金额为3万英镑的奖项的第12位获奖者。该奖项奖励的是年度“最令人瞩目和愉悦的”图书。

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    深入推进“互联网 ”行动和国家大数据战略;

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    but at the end of a madcap golden globes (ms. fey toasted it as 'the beautiful mess we hoped it would be'), the major honors soberly ended up with the favorites. david o. russell's con-artist caper 'american hustle' led with three awards, including best film comedy. and despite missing out in the other six categories it was nominated in, the unflinching historical drama '12 years a slave' concluded the night as best film drama.

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