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1. and now for the companies that lost the most love ...
2. but some people might just remember the mustaches.
3. 印度梅加拉亚邦——《孤独星球》上说:“梅加拉亚邦这种平静的状态不会维持太久的,在寻求刺激的人群占领卡西山之前赶紧去那里吧!”照片上拍摄的是乞拉朋齐瀑布,它是印度最高的飞瀑,高达340米。
4. while jaws's story is extremely unrealistic, it was based on a real series of deaths attributed to a single shark in 1916. in what has been dubbed the "most unique set of shark attacks that ever have occurred," the jersey shore saw four people die from shark bites over the course of two weeks. the offending shark was reportedly caught with body parts still in its digestive tract, although leading scientists still aren't sure what drove it to attack so many people.
5. 与此同时,达洛伊西奥开始环游世界,到处参加会议,并结识其他潜在的投资人。他给每一位结识的人都留下极深的印象。温布尔顿国王学院中学(king’s college school)的校长安德鲁?霍尔斯(andrew halls)评价道,他成熟得可怕,他在各种状况下仍保持着清晰的思维,这令我这个54岁的人都觉得惊讶。
6. in this jan. 7, 1997, file photo, steve jobs, chief executive of pixar, speaks at the macworld trade show in san francisco.
1. 与工商管理硕士(mba)不同,管理学硕士项目针对的是尚未进入职场或者初入职场的人士。
2. more importantly, their inventions may even eventually be turned into products that benefit mankind.
3. 3.数学家
4. goldie blox是一家玩具公司,使命是重新定义玩具商店中的“粉红走道”。在科学、技术、工程和数学(stem)教育和职业领域,男性数量要大大多于女性,大部分女孩往往在八岁前就对这些领域失去了兴趣。goldie blox所设计的玩具则通过吸引女孩发展强大的口头及故事讲述能力的方式——同时仍提供机会来发展日后可转化成对工程学兴趣的技能——来鼓励和启发未来的工程师们。说到机会,一家玩具初创企业如何能在和一开始就统治着玩具行业的大公司的抗衡中脱颖而出呢?goldie blox走出了明智的一步:最近,该公司发布了一段视频,采用了beastie boys的歌曲《女孩们》(girls)做背景音乐,该视频得到了病毒式传播。尽管这段视频最终被撤下,但goldie blox在提高公众对让更多女性和女孩对stem产生兴趣——以及对goldie blox玩具——的认知上,做了一份相当不错的工作。
5. or, this year, to be women with a story to tell about abuse, sexual or otherwise — a couple of whom shared #metoo moments in our pages. carlotta gall told the story of henda ayari, a french citizen of north african heritage and anti-salafist activist who accused a prominent oxford professor of raping her.
6. france, one of the most visited countries in the world, ranks no. 9 overall. it is no. 2 in cultural influence and no. 6 in power.
1. coordinated reform of medical services, medical insurance, and the medicine industry
2. venezuela's government closed all crossings a year ago to crack down on smuggling along the 1378-mile (2219 kilometer) border. it complained that speculators were causing shortages by buying up subsidized food and gasoline in venezuela and taking them to colombia where they could be sold for far higher prices.
3. 设在日内瓦的国际移民组织星期二公布的数字显示,一百万零五千五百零四名非洲和中东的流动人口,以非常规方式通过陆路和海路进入欧洲大陆,这个数字是2014年的四倍。
4. contributing columnist antoine gelain is the managing director of paragon european partners. he is based in london.
5. the excitement was triggered by a reuters story that cited documents about the potential transaction as the source of its information. samsung actually has made at least one play for blackberry bbry -19.77% before, in 2012. as to this latest rumor, the alleged takeover target was the first to refute that a deal is in the works.
6. of the graduates to have been through the scheme, 42 per cent have not persisted with teaching. but teach first says even those who have left the profession remain loyal to the programme’s values.
1. justin bieber rounded out the top five, honoured for his work with pencils of promise and his believe charity drive.
2. now chinese investment in western economies is back on track to break a further record this year: during the first six weeks this year chinese groups have announced $70bn in potential deals, although the number is highly provisional and not all such acquisitions will be completed.
3. the 23-year-old country music darling was awarded the honour by dosomething.org, which released its list of top 20 celebs gone good of 2012 this week. according to the organisation, taylor topped the list after donated $4million to the country hall of fame museum.
4. this means war: christopher nolan's second film not set in the present (or future) is an epic tableau about the rescue of hundreds of thousands of troops from the french coast. tom hardy, mark rylance, kenneth branagh, cillian murphy and, er, harry styles, star. think saving private ryan, but saltier.
5. on china's twitter-like weibo, many netizens thumbed up the boy's bravery and calmness in the face of such emergency.
6. 这名官员称,米特卜王子已于11月28日获释。米特卜王子在11月初以前一直掌管着颇有实权的国民警卫队。至少还有三名嫌疑犯也完成了和解协议。


1. 位居榜单第三的是史蒂夫·卡瑞尔(steve carell)。《卑鄙的我2》(despicable me 2)在今年大获成功,斩获票房9.19亿美元。该电影系列累计已取得14亿美元的全球票房,该系列第三部《小黄人》(minions)也即将上映。卡瑞尔今年还出演了小制作独立影片《迷途知返》(the way way back)和《超级魔术师》(the incredible burt wonderstone)。后一部影片的票房虽未能赚回制作成本,但是我们这里只关注票房收入——该部影片为卡瑞尔2013年的电影票房收入又添2,250万美元。
2. 与比利时接壤的法国已经有大量志愿者出国加入伊斯兰国圣战组织,这个组织占领了伊拉克和叙利亚的大片区域。
3. a lack of capital and experience is the biggest obstacle for college entrepreneurs, the report suggested, stating that 40 percent of such young entrepreneurs rely on external capital such as loans from banks, investment organizations, schools and the government.



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    twenty years of global negotiations aimed at slowing the growth of heat-trapping emissions have yielded little progress. however, 2014 saw signs of large-scale political mobilization on the issue, as more than 300,000 people marched in new york city in september, and tens of thousands more took to the streets in other cities around the world.

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    china’s retail sales softened as industrial production and investment held more or less steady in spite of a weaker showing from exports last month.

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    the online notice about the retraction lists all 107 articles and 524 authors, nearly all of whom are clinical cancer specialists from china. the hospitals named are all top public institutions.

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