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1. 赫梅尔说,“如果发达经济体的原油需求增加,再加上新兴经济体需求的增多,我认为市场供应将趋紧。”这意味着油价走势图上可能会再度出现多个高峰。
2. in october last year north korean border guards attempted to shoot down some balloons, triggering a brief exchange of heavy machine-gun fire between the two sides.
3. the new spider-man reboot is the best yet, and it's mostly because the movie is funny. like, breakfast club meets ferris bueller's day off meets freaks and geeks funny.
4. 11月22日,马拉比在伦敦的一场晚宴上领取了该奖。英国电信集团talktalk行政总裁迪多.哈丁(dido harding)应邀在晚宴上发表了演讲。
5. 根据一项最新调查显示,2013年度最差劲密码非“123456”莫属了。
6. 确认发现近地宜居行星
1. ['?n'steibl]
2. former disney star-turned-wild child singer miley cyrus followed as the number two 'celeb gone good', according to the website. father-to-be channing tatum came in third.
3. 5. "dexter" (3.1 million)
4. 另一方面,世界杯作为体育盛事和文化体验也成为了热门搜索项。
5. 其中最恶名昭著的是朱令案。1994年,这位清华大学在读学生被其室友用铊下毒,最终导致全身瘫痪。
6. we will work to ensure that our people have access to equitable and quality education.
1. 2015年最需要迎头赶上的品牌:由于产品线陈旧,大众今年的销量下降了11%,影响了费迪南德o皮切的“称霸全球”计划。沃尔沃的销量则下跌了17%,自从被中国车企收购后,该公司至今还没有任何进步。
2. 对于上周有媒体称三星和黑莓正在进行收购洽淡的报道,两家公司都迅速予以否认。但全球最大的智能手机厂商为何愿意付出传闻中的75亿美元高价,来收购一家盛年不再的加拿大技术公司呢?答案是:因为后者持有丰富的知识产权——尤其是在前景光明的安全创新领域。
3. 失宠行业
4. 这样的要求不可谓不苛刻。现在,有上千个供应链岗位正虚位以待。如果你希望谋求此类职位,可行之策是先接受物流培训。目前有许多学院和大学都提供此类培训,其中有些是在线课程,如美国宾州州立大学(penn state)就提供在线供应链管理研究生培训,并颁发证书。
5. 数据显示,三星仍然占据榜首,其次是苹果。但是即便如此,这前两名的科技公司的出货量却分别下降了3%和7%,全球市场份额出现了下滑。
6. 3、全面放开二孩政策
1. among the top 50 richest women in the world, entrepreneurs from the chinese mainland account for 56%.
2. the pelicans have struggle to attract and keep free agents, they must retain jrue holiday this summer, cousins is from nearby alabama and enjoys a close friendship with anthony davis, and years of disappointing and injury-plagued seasons put the franchise in a position where it seemed to be teetering on perennial also-ran status.
3. among the top 50 richest women in the world, entrepreneurs from the chinese mainland account for 56%.
4. new year comes but once a year. but when it comes it brings good cheer.新年一年只有一次,但每次来临都带来喜悦。
5. “lotte will hurt the chinese people and the consequences could be severe,” said the report, which followed a string of government probes into the company’s business interests in china.
6. foreign robot makers sold 103,191 robots to china in 2017, up 71.9% from a year earlier.


1. “we have resolved this matter and will move forward to build on the important actions honda has already taken to address our past shortcomings in early warning reporting,” said rickschostek, honda executive vice president, in a statement. “we continue to fully cooperate with nhtsa to achieve greater transparency and to further enhance our reporting practices.”
2. yes. mr meade is the candidate of the ruling institutional revolutionary party, or pri. his main rival is the hard leftist andrés manuel lópez obrador, a passionate orator who can work a crowd. mr meade has a lot to overcome: he will have to convince voters that they can trust him, after he put up petrol prices by 20 per cent overnight in january, triggering a surge in inflation. he will also have to reveal himself as his own man, not just a clone of an unpopular government that has failed spectacularly to rein in rampant corruption and crime. but backed by the formidable pri get-out-the-vote machine, he could prove unstoppable. in mexico’s one-round-only system, 30 per cent of the vote might be enough.
3. in my adolescent years on the foothills of himalayas, i had a friend we all referred to as the "dreamy guy." he would spend his days enjoying the smallest of things – color-tagging butterflies, counting peaks on the horizon, making stories out of cloud formations. he was a happy soul, deeply receptive to life's beauties and easily excited. i knew this guy many years ago and i thought about him today as i sat down to write this piece for you, dear class of 2013.



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    当你听说今年3月份,一个17岁的学生把自己设计的一款软件以3,000万美元卖给雅虎公司(yahoo! inc., yhoo)的时候。对于这孩子的形貌,你脑海里或许已勾画出一个搞笑的形象了吧:不用说,肯定是个极客。一个除了一行一行写代码之外对什么也不感兴趣的学霸。一个不敢正眼瞧人还老小声儿嘀咕着什么的神经质。

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    n. 插曲,一段情节,片段,轶事

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    in my life, i have dreamt of seeing the great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterfilies, but now i wonder if they will even exist for my children to see. 我一生的梦想就是能看到成群的野生动物,茂盛的丛林和大片的雨林中到处是鸟类和蝴蝶在飞舞。但是现在我想知道我们这些小孩是否还能再看到它们?

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    social networking platforms, including weibo and mobile app wechat, proved to be the best tools for cyberstars to magnify the power of communication, making it possible to create an industry that combines advertisements, e-commerce and fans.

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    my arms are wide open for you this new year.我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。