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1. in a blog post announcing the deal, mr cahan said although mobile devices were shifting our daily routines, “most articles and web pages were formatted for browsing with mouse clicks. the ability to skim them on a phone or a tablet can be a real challenge – we want easier ways to identify what’s important to us.”
2. 另一条推文发表于美国总统就职日,奥巴马称:“能够为你们服务是我毕生的荣幸,你们使我成为了更好的领袖和更好的人。”
3. siddeeq现在已经是一位退休教师居住在中西部城市indianapolis,他表示当大学联系到他的时候他震惊了。
4. 报告发现,艺术学、农学、工学专业的学生创业意愿最高,而历史学和理科专业的学生创业兴趣相对较低。
5. 3、《丛林故事》
6. 萨拉考林斯
1. 8.yes man
2. 其中包括“qwerty”(键盘字母顺序,排名第4)、“admin”(管理员,排名第11)和“login”(登录,排名第14)。
3. criminal gangs have been difficult to catch, however, because illegal meats are often hidden among other produce such as fruit and vegetables, and lorry drivers are often bribed to deny any knowledge of it.
4. “中日关系说到底,就是日本能不能接受中国的发展壮大,这是根本问题。”
5. 他表示:“消费者将需要更多时间回归,这就是为什么我们聚焦于一项我们知道会奏效的方案,专注于价格可承受能力和城市地区的高端(饮料)。”他补充称,他相信,该公司将继续在中国扩大市场份额,同时正为消费者支出再次提速做好准备。
6. in february, maddie joined sia and kristen wiig in a performance of the track for the 2015 grammy awards as kim kardashian and kanye west looked on from the front row.
1. 2014年出现了这么多大有前途的新剧:《真探》(true detective)、《荣耀之女》(the honorable woman)、《冰血暴》(fargo)、《婚外情》(the affair)、《奥丽芙·基特里奇》(olive kitteridge)和《硅谷》(silicon valley)等。有些老剧仍在坚持,或者莫名其妙地重振雄风,或者在被砍后再次回归,最显眼的是丽莎·库卓(lisa kudrow)主演的hbo喜剧《归来记》(the comeback),它在2005年播出一季后被砍,今年11月回归。
2. 美国品牌如chipotle、德克萨斯仪器公司和通用动力第一次出现在了该榜单上。
3. 中国商务部的最新数据不包含个人购买的房地产。有不少个人利用中国资本管制体系的漏洞来获取外汇。但外汇监管机构最近采取措施堵住了此类漏洞,尤其是收紧了对个人购汇的管控——按现行规定,中国公民每年可用人民币购买等值5万美元外汇。
4. 2016年,担忧和愤怒主导了英国和美国这两个最重要、稳定、悠久的民主政体的政治情绪。
5. 潘通在解释这一选择时提到以下这些因素:“主张性别平等和流动性的社会运动;消费者越来越喜欢把色彩当作一种表达方式;这一代人不太在意被认定为某一种类型或遭到评判;公开的数字信息交流让我们看到颜色使用的不同方式。”
6. 3.解决问题的好手
1. 单词charming 联想记忆:
2. 最令人兴奋地其实是交易期
3. 位居榜单第三的是史蒂夫·卡瑞尔(steve carell)。《卑鄙的我2》(despicable me 2)在今年大获成功,斩获票房9.19亿美元。该电影系列累计已取得14亿美元的全球票房,该系列第三部《小黄人》(minions)也即将上映。卡瑞尔今年还出演了小制作独立影片《迷途知返》(the way way back)和《超级魔术师》(the incredible burt wonderstone)。后一部影片的票房虽未能赚回制作成本,但是我们这里只关注票房收入——该部影片为卡瑞尔2013年的电影票房收入又添2,250万美元。
4. forex reserves fell $87bn in november, near the record $94bn decline suffered in august — the same month that the central bank surprised global markets by allowing the renminbi to depreciate by 3 per cent in three days.
5. 欧盟完成与墨西哥现有贸易协议的(重新)谈判也是如此。在与墨西哥签订协议上,布鲁塞尔很可能比特朗普先冲过终点线。
6. step 5: get rid of most of your friends


1. 'winning the skytrax world's best airport award for the fifth consecutive year is immense encouragement to our 50,000-strong airport community at changi airport, every one of whom is passionate about delivering the most memorable airport experience to our passengers', said lee seow hiang, ceo of changi airport group, in a statement.
2. landing a superstar like cousins for pennies on the dollar won't singlehandedly help the pelicans carve out a larger slice of the sports landscape in new orleans, but it's an excellent first step.
3. 4. add color



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    "all institutions in this list deserve to celebrate - being named one of the most international universities in the world is a sign of great potential, competitiveness and dynamism."

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    you may already use google calendar, but are you using it wisely? here’s a secret: only put stuff on your google calendar that will actually happen at that date and time. use iphone reminders to remember things that are not time-sensitive (down to the hour or minute). following this strategy will help you stay more sane.

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    a lack of capital and experience is the biggest obstacle for college entrepreneurs, the report suggested, stating that 40 percent of such young entrepreneurs rely on external capital such as loans from banks, investment organizations, schools and the government.

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    alumni from the swiss school also have the third-highest salary, at $114,449, adjusted for purchasing power parity, behind those from the indian institute of management at ahmedabad, on $116,476, and iim bangalore, on $116,094. st gallen is also top for the quality of its careers service.