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1. texas was one of the first states to emerge from the recession and it continues to attract companies on the basis of its low tax burden, predictable regulatory environment and skilled labor force. texas employment is expected to expand 3% annually through 2017, according to moody’s. (arizona’s forecasted rate is a microscopic 0.04% better). texas has attracted a lot of attention from california companies and governor rick perry has not been shy about contrasting the business climates of the two states. california firms ebay and electronic arts have both chosen texas for large expansions in recent years. austin has been a hotbed of activity this year with accenture
2. 557,000 people were murdered across the world in 2001 alone. that number significantly dropped by 289,000 by 2008. the homocide rate is now in decline in 75% of nations.
3. the handmaid's tale
4. 3. 凯特?阿普顿
5. 9.use one planner
6. 5.你午饭谈了四个小时那么久或者有太多的牙医预约。
1. “selling out!” “pandering to the americans!” the cries went up immediately when the official selection was announced. the list of directors crossing over to make films in english was a long one including the italians matteo garrone and paolo sorrentino, yorgos lanthimos of greece, norway's joachim trier and even guillaume nicloux of france, a country whose cultural establishment is highly sensitive to the creeping anglophone menace. the argument goes that cannes is supposed to be a haven for world cinema; for english, there is hollywood. but does it really matter? films at cannes in languages other than french or english play with subtitles in both languages – and that's a lot of text to deal with.
2. ‘jordan,’ ‘harley,’ ‘robert,’ ‘matthew,’ ‘daniel,’ ‘andrew,’ ‘andrea,’ and ‘joshua’ all made it on the list – along with ‘football,’ and ‘lakers.’
3. professor kaufmann and a colleague, gareth harris, found that white britons who lived in areas that are rapidly diversifying became more likely to vote for the right-wing british national party. daniel hopkins, a professor of political science at the university of pennsylvania, found a similar pattern of ethnic change leading to anti-immigrant politics in the united states.
4. 由于最新一部007系列小说给詹姆斯·邦德(james bond)进行了政治正确的大改造,能言善道、烟不离口、大男子主义的邦德形象可能将成为过去式。
5. "it struck me as shocking news. as a big fan of go, i never expected ai to be able to beat a human champion at the current stage of development since it's a pretty complicated game," he said. he predicted that "fueled by this victory, capital and talent will flood into the ai sector".
6. according to the country's film regulator, china's box office sales have boosted a whopping 48.7 percent in the last year alone.
1. 然后,事情峰回路转。库迪斯和沃斯发现,荷兰贷款机构对于seppenwolde的倒闭做出的反应截然不同。那些曾经贷款给seppenwolde、但一毛钱也没损失的贷款机构变得越发悲观,要求所有新借款人都提供更多的“折幅”。而那些从未贷款给seppenwolde、因而躲过一劫的贷款机构则根本没有提高要求。事实上,这些贷款机构可能还略略降低了对借款人的“折幅”要求,至少表明他们和过去一样乐观。
2. 单词supply 联想记忆:
3. aaron hernandez
4. 美国科学家craig bennett,abigail baird,michael miller,和george wolford被授予搞笑神经科学奖,以奖励其在脑科学研究方面的贡献。他们的研究显示,利用复杂的设备加上简单的统计学方法,你几乎可以在任何地方得出有意义的脑活动研究结果——甚至是在一条死去的鱼身上也是如此!
5. mavericks owner mark cuban has made riskier bets than this, though, and he didn't part with much of consequence (justin anderson and a fake first-round pick) for a shot at working noel into a lob-finishing/rim-protecting life as the next tyson chandler.
6. in the us, he adds, etfs emerged into a market where there were lots of registered investment advisers incentivised to use lower-cost products for their clients.
1. it is the eighth straight year that the metropolis has led chinese cities in terms of consumer spending.
2. 普华永道上周一发布的数据显示,2016年上半年中国内地a股首次公开募股(ipo)数量和融资金额同比均出现了大幅下滑。
3. sales of previously owned homes have slipped every month since july, according to the national association of realtors. that coincides with the surge in borrowing costs across the economy as a result of the fed's signals about its bond-buying program.
4. 所以,是的,我认为他们应该果断垫底甚至交易伊巴卡以换取更多的价值,尽管这变脸来得有点快。唉,天啊,这支队伍实在太诡异了。
5. ceos: newbies mary barra at gm and mark fields at ford start playing close attention to the moves made by fca’s sergio marchionne. despite running his growing empire on two continents, marchionne tacked on a u.s market share gain of 1.2 points, unhindered by one of the weakest product lineups in the business and troubles with his much heralded eight-speed transmission.
6. 美国各地许多餐馆和商店星期三向美国退伍军人提供免费服务或优惠,以纪念一年一度的退伍军人节。


1. 007系列电影主题曲第九名:露露--《金枪人》
2. 泰勒 斯威夫特
3. miley cyrus



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    无人驾驶汽车是当下炒作得最火的行业,这类汽车的倡导者已成为冗词赘语的世界级领军人物。埃隆?马斯克(elon musk)自称“要在一个安全系数超出人工驾驶数量级倍数的一体化平台上专注于全自动驾驶的实现”。(就是说特斯拉肯定能防止车祸的发生)。

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    high and rising us rates may quickly become drivers of em crises: such conditions may lead to higher borrowing costs in ems, along with capital outflows and an unwillingness by the financial sector to take risks.

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    china's pension insurance balance of urban employees and urban and rural residents added up to four trillion, according to the annual report on social security development 2015.

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    7. build a reputation.