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1. 有理由怀疑纳伦斯-诺埃尔是否能成长为可靠的先发中锋,这些理由包括他的伤病史、场外红灯行为和非常有限的进攻手段。
2. charming
3. 超级大碗
4. i loved his list (hat tip to him), but i thought i’d elaborate on what i believe makes for an effective boss or manager。
5. tomorrow never dies gets the other honorable mention on our james bond theme song list.
6. she added that because of economic conditions and anti-immigration sentiment in some western countries, many chinese students find it difficult to stay in those countries.
1. 4. learn how to self-promote.
2. we first see the hair of anna morales (jessica chastain) during the opening credits of “a most violent year.” she’s at her makeup mirror.
3. “…fell asleep.”
4. 多年来,人们一直预测这个分散的行业将会整合,近期的确出现了大规模合并。但毫无疑问,伦敦金融城的律师事务所正在承受越来越大的价格压力。
5. migrants working in rich countries sent home almost half a trillion dollars in 2016, helping to lift families out of poverty by providing financial stability, access to education, housing and healthcare, according to a global report.
6. emma morano’s singular achievement in life may have been perseverance. she lived for 117 years, crediting her longevity to raw eggs and her lack of a husband. she died on april 15.
1. 库克必须在开放与围绕其产品开发的神秘感间寻找平衡。在苹果内部已经有关于另一个秘密项目的传闻,它规模与iphone或apple watch相当,正在整个库比提诺招兵买马。
2. 据央视5日清晨报道,救援队将继续船体起吊工作。
3. at new year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.新年的祝福,平日的希冀,愿你心境祥和、充满爱意,愿你的世界全是美满,愿你一切称心如意,快乐无比。
4. 《极盗车神》
5. "we have searched for richard and we have found him. now it's time to honour him," she said.
6. hitachi data systems
1. need to send gigantic files (up to 2gb) quickly? try wetransfer.com. you don’t even have to create an account. i use it almost every day.
2. traditionally chinese universities scored less well in international ranking tables compared to us and european incumbents in levels of teaching and research.
3. 不过,这种局面正发生变化。2013年基准布伦特原油价格的一次大波动发生在8月份,当时国际社会干预叙利亚的可能性似乎越来越大。虽然在美国牵头进行空袭的威胁下,在伦敦洲际交易所(intercontinentalexchange)交易的布伦特原油价格上涨了5%,但并没有逼近2013年高点。
4. arizona, texas head list of best states for expected job growth
5. the us electoral college has failed doubly.
6. 今年1至10月份的民间固定资产投资同比增长2.9%,比1至9月份的增速快了0.4个百分点。


1. british business schools make up ground on their french counterparts in the revamped financial times ranking of masters in management degrees.
2. 007系列电影主题曲第四名:汤姆·琼斯--《霹雳弹》
3. 勇士的横扫,实际上让那些试图挑战勇士的球队无力追赶勇士的脚步,致使联盟在季后赛收入上损失惨重。于是,总决赛便成了战胜勇士的最后的希望,也是最后的机会。总有些愚蠢的人通过不断告诉你不要低估了勒布朗·詹姆斯来让你重燃希望。我看了所有五场詹姆斯在的总决赛,我现在客观的告诉你:詹姆斯知道自己赢不了。“我能做什么?他们赢了73场比赛,我打败了他们,于是他们引进了凯文杜兰特。”在凯文杜兰特用自己的冷血投射杀死系列赛之前,骑士还设法在三场比赛中夺得了一场胜利。但最后,骑士队虽然避免了横扫的尴尬,但他们结束赛季的方式也只能用虎头蛇尾来形容。



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    china’s reserves have fallen for nine of 11 months this year and stand at $3.43tn, as investors sell renminbi assets to protect themselves against depreciation and the central bank sells dollars from its reserves to curb renminbi weakness. falling interest rates in china and expectations of an imminent rate rise by the us federal reserve have also fuelled outflows. reserves rebounded mildly in october, suggesting outflows had diminished.

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    people on both sides of the taiwan strait are brothers and sisters, and no matter how the situation on the island evolves, the mainland is determined to maintain cross-strait stability.

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    马克?高恩洛夫(mark gongloff)在《赫芬顿邮报》(huffington post)上警告说:“一季度美国经济增长的大幅降级揭示了经济体挥之不去的疲弱,暴露了华盛顿执迷于财政紧缩的愚蠢,并给美联储最新的乐观打了一记响亮的耳光。”而随着政治局势的恶化,增长速度还会进一步放缓。

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    to anita eerland and rolf zwaan [the netherlands] and tulio guadalupe [peru, russia, and the netherlands] for their study "leaning to the left makes the eiffel tower seem smaller."

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    holly hunter reportedly keeps her best actress award, which she won for her portrayal of ada mcgrath in the 1994 new zealand film, the piano, at the new york offices of joel and ethan coen. it sits alongside the statue frances mcdormand won for her role as the heavily-pregnant local police chief with the insatiable appetite, marge gunderson, in the coens’ 1996 film fargo.

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    3.sit in the front row