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1. 这些银行将钱返还给股东的能力有所下降。中央财经大学中国金融业研究中心主任郭田勇表示,缓慢的盈利增长和高额的不良贷款以及存款准备金给银行的资本金补充带来了压力。
2. 1.rain man
3. the dip for the caixin gauge, which concentrates on smaller and private manufacturers, stands in contrast to a pickup for china’s official manufacturing pmi, which focuses primarily on large, state-owned enterprises. the divergence may indicate that smaller outfits have been hit harder by pollution curbs and other regulatory tightening than their larger, state-run competitors, which also enjoy privileged access to state-run lenders.
4. 单词predecessor 联想记忆:
5. 《东方快车谋杀案》
6. 米拉?库妮丝排名第二,其后是凯特?阿普顿、流行歌星蕾哈娜和艾玛?斯通。
1. 黑人小伙克里斯和白人女孩露丝交往到了见家长的一步。露丝邀请男友去北部父母家共度周末。女友的父母对自己甚是热情,起初,克里斯把这种过度热情解读为父母试图面对女儿跨种族爱情的紧张反应,但随后,一连串蛛丝马迹令人越来越不安,克里斯渐渐察觉,背后的真相远非自己所能想象的。
2. the united states saw its real gdp increase at an annual rate of 3.9 per cent in the three months ended september,according to official data released last month.
3. we will promote workmanship and foster a culture of workmanship where workers have a strong ethic and tirelessly seek improvement. we will see great numbers of chinese workers exemplify workmanship and more chinese brands enjoy international recognition. we will usher in an era of quality for economic development in china.
4. 以下十条就是你找工作时可能露出的“马脚”
5. read about successful businesses. take in the wealth of knowledge that’s been provided by successful entrepreneurs such as steve jobs and the personalities from shark tank. a successful business plan does not have to be a book. a 10-page plan is digestible yet long enough to include everything you need to start.
6. ['t?:ki]
1. 这部电影有实力冲击很多奖项,但很难领跑其中的任何一项。也许“甜茶”蒂莫西?柴勒梅德的表演是该片冲奥的最大可能。
2. the best time to visit is between may and january in 2017. be a part of an amazing experience, visiting architecturally and culturally rich heritage sites in kathmandu valley, the country's political and cultural hub, and royal chitwan national park in the south, the habitat of rare animals like the one-horned rhino and bengal tiger.
3. 4.厨师
4. ['s?r?git]
5. among the year’s biggest surprises was the plunge in gasoline pries. economists differed on the economic impact—money in the pockets of consumers offset by declines in exploration and drilling activity—but everyone agreed that it was bearish for small cars and hybrids. the combination of cheap gas and a steep sticker price made the cadillac elr the runaway winner of the most disliked car of the year award. only 155 of the volt-based $80,000 cars found buyers in november.
6. it's important to remember that even when the overall number of jobs goes down, some companies are still adding workers -- it's just that others are cutting even more.
1. 美国总统唐纳德特朗普(donald trump)的零和博弈、“交易艺术”谈判方式,将给那些守旧的现任领导人带来安慰。我希望2018年将提供机会,让正气的、解决问题的新领导人涌现出来。但如果企业领导人因为政治领导层没水平而灰心,变得因循守旧,那么变革可能陷入停滞。
2. 即便亚洲国家推出了在其他国家推动etf市场蓬勃发展的监管措施,也仍存在其他障碍。例如,蒙塔纳里表示,提供给亚洲投资者的产品大多与国内市场的股票挂钩,因此etf没有被用来让投资者在国内投资于外国市场。
3. 1936年诺贝尔和平奖奖牌在美国巴尔的摩的拍卖会上拍出116万美元高价,这枚奖牌是在南美的一家当铺里被发现的。
4. 如果你觉得现在的杜兰特骨瘦如柴,那你得瞧瞧他在蒙特罗斯基督教会学校时的瘦弱身板。
5. only two people know the oscars winners list and supervise the counting procedures - pwc tax adviser martha ruiz and brian cullinan an accountant.
6. will zimbabwe’s new leader hold — and win — fair elections


1. 多措并举降成本。
2. american brands such as chipotle, texas instruments and general dynamics are on the list for the first time.



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    the singer/songwriter dua lipa has been steadily releasing a string of singles since 2015, beginning with the flirty "be the one" and finally hitting the jackpot with "hotter than hell" – both collected here on her debut album.

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    46岁的姚振华以深圳为大本营,在房地产上赚取了第一桶金。但他的净财富之所以能在一年内增长约8倍,凭借的是他旗下的宝能集团(baoneng group)进军保险业和随后对房地产业竞争对手万科(vanke)展开“突袭”。万科在中国多座城市拥有业务。

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    the united states saw its real gdp increase at an annual rate of 3.9 per cent in the three months ended september,according to official data released last month.

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    at its worldwide developer conference in june, mr cook was mobbed by app makers who asked him to pose for selfies. by october’s ipad launch, he was even cracking jokes at his own expense. clad in his habitual but unglamorous uniform of black untucked shirt and jeans, he said that apple watch had been well received by “people who know a lot about fashion and style — even more than i do”, pointing a knowing finger at the chuckling audience.

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    closer to home, fake official data are just as prevalent. the uk’s office for national statistics on tuesday reported that british inflation, measured by its longstanding retail prices index, rose to 4.1 per cent in december. this number is nonsense and the ons knows it. it tells people the rpi “does not meet the required standard” to be given a quality stamp, yet it has refused since 2012 to take steps to improve the measure and bring it closer to the lower headline measure of 3 per cent.

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    anton, who works in the military, said: 'i thought the beyonce routine was inappropriate when steph first told me about it, but when i saw her on the stage doing it, it worked out quite well and everyone enjoyed it.'

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    in the most significant change in methodology since this ranking was first published in 2005, the ft now collects information about alumni’s first jobs after graduation. these data are used in conjunction with information about their current jobs, three years later. this allows the ft to calculate their salary increase since graduation — a new ranking criterion — as well as their career progress (see methodology).