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1. from 'heelgate' to the palm dog to the 'dad bod' – it's been a dizzying 12 days. here are nine lessons from the film festival as it draws to a close.
2. likewise, if the 11 countries led by japan left in the tpp manage to salvage a deal following the us exit that could provide some balance in the region.
3. 9. the chinese militarywill demand and receive vastly expanded investments in the form of advancedaircraft and ships.
4. 目前,达洛伊西奥80%的工作围绕着summly的重构和改良展开,而另外20%的工作精力则用来思考今后的挑战方向。他预测,未来将会有一款如同summly精炼文字一样可以精炼视频的软件。他设想了许多运用科技来帮助人们学习知识的方法,并希望在旧有教育模式瓦解的同时帮助人们更好地实现自主学习。
5. 好在谷歌公司已于日前表示,他们不会让哈维尔支付这笔费用。
6. char茶,ity状态-请喝茶的状态-施舍-仁慈
1. 但是又一次,科比仍然表示自己很健康,自己的投篮很好,之后就将话题转向了关于他的队友和球队赛程上面。
2. the baltic dry index, a measure of the trade in bulk commodities, has been touching historic lows. china, which in 2014 overtook the us as the biggest trading nation, this month reported double-digit falls in both exports and imports in january. in brazil, which is experiencing its worst recession in more than a century, imports from china have collapsed.
3. developer: frontier, microsoft studios
4. 哈维?c?曼斯菲尔德是哈佛大学最直言不讳的保守派教授,他也是《刚毅》一书的作者。曼斯菲尔德告诉《卫报》,他对这个决定存有质疑。“人们对无礼冒犯的界定已经被放大歪曲,我不再相信那些坚持政治正确的执法者做出的不公判决。”
5. “the worker threw a brick through the window with the words ‘i quit’ written on it.”
6. 以下是根据官方数据(所有收入均按市场汇率折合成了美元)得出的世界主要国家领导人收入排行。
1. as for the molecular motors, they’re geared up to bring huge potential to the fields of medicine and energy.
2. 国家统计局最近开始跟踪研究的大城市的房价数据就支持这种可能性。
3. i was asked by one ceo to hire the long-legged girl with the long dark hair even though she didn't have the right skills. another time, i was instructed not to hire anyone with children because the company had too many people leaving for soccer games. that kind of thing happens all the time.
4. “同为南方的儿子和疯狂的体育迷,我向你脱帽致敬,”前美国总统比尔?克林顿(bill clinton)发了一条推特(tweet)回应库克的文章。
5. 报道称,代理商和投资机构正纷纷涌入该行业,对世界上第二大经济体的平台造成了额外改变。
6. 中共中央纪律检查委员会的数据显示,各级纪委还将加强了对党员干部和国家工作人员的管理,去年,新增外逃人员数量由2014年的101人降至仅4人。
1. 走上一段旋转楼梯就是几间卧室。中间有一处阁楼式的书房俯瞰着中庭。主卧套间和配套的浴室内有几面玻璃墙可以观赏数英亩湿地的景色。这个套间通往该房屋临水一侧的一个阳光平台。另外两间卧室也带有配套的浴室。底层已全部装修,用作健身房,并带有一间无洗浴功能的卫生间和一间可停放几辆车的车库。
2. amazon joins the innovators list for the first time for innovations in data centers, devices, electronic methods and systems, according to its latest report.
3. 这位曾演唱过《royals》(《皇室贵族》)的少年天才在20岁的时候就在联合制作人杰克·安东诺夫的帮助下更上一层楼,把对电子音乐的无限展望与人类的尺度结合在一起,亲手打造了自己的第二张专辑。
4. in addition to the growth in p2p lending, a number of online banks and lenders have been created this year — such as tencent’s webank, alibaba’s mybank and ant financial’s sesame credit.
5. the whiteness taboo
6. the questions can seem like a sudden reversal after decades of rising multiculturalism, through the civil rights movement in the united states and the european union’s opening up of borders.


1. 而他的妈妈则称他只是一个替罪羔羊。她在已经在网络上发布的信件中写道:“这个公司正在试图去指控一个14岁的孩子。”
2. 国家卫生健康委员会补充称,其中81.8%的新病例是同性恋行为造成的,这是由于学生“尽管对疾病有很高的认识,但对保护的意识不强”。
3. 怎样减肥?



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    “an employee baked a cake with her resignation letter written on top.”

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    will china's stock market climb back to the 6,000-point mark it reached two years ago? the stock market was at its most bullish back then, but if you ask the same question now, some would cite a global economy still reeling from a recession.

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    federica mogherini, the eu’s foreign policy chief, and johannes hahn, the bloc’s enlargement commissioner, have also weighed in, criticising mr erdogan’s proposed constitutional changes and his recent rhetoric.

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    management consultancies pride themselves on being expert advisers on “change” — from helping clients integrate after mergers, to keeping them at the cutting edge of new technology. several of the world’s largest consultancies will have to make use of their own advice in 2018 as they prepare for leadership changes — the first in years — that will have significant ramifications for their workforce.

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    according to the report, some lenders have been using the platform to offer female college students high-interest loans on the condition that the borrowers hand over nude photos of themselves holding their id cards as collateral.

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    congress will authorize billions more in stimulus that won't be called 'stimulus' and won't actually create jobs. and congress will convene a bi-partisan deficit cutting commission that won't do much either. until investors stop buying us treasurys, why should congress change its ways?

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    while regulators in the us fret that the pace of growth in the exchange traded fund market may be too explosive, their counterparts in asia along with asset managers and distributors sweat over what more can be done to raise investor interest.

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    so ladies, we have been warned. what would your response be?