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1. that brought the balance of trade to $49.06bn, down about $4.3bn from november and coming in about $2.3bn lower than forecast.
2. the average salary of st gallen’s alumni jumped to $102,000 three years after graduation compared with $90,000 last year.
3. 7. am i working too hard? taking time to re-charge and spend time on activities that make you happy is so important. honor your desire to pull back from work or school pressure when needed and give yourself time to breathe, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time.
4. on aug 21, the country came to a pause as millions of americans — even the president — put on eclipse glasses and stopped to take in the first eclipse to cross the united states since 1918. its path across the united states was a scientific bonanza for astronomers who were able to more easily point advanced equipment at the sun.
5. homeowners in neighborhoods like the grand concourse in the bronx or elmhurst in queens could enjoy new attention from buyers eager to find the next untapped market. “when have you heard talk about kingsbridge in the bronx?” asked ms. ramirez of halstead. “the people who are smart are getting out there and buying it up at wonderful prices.”
6. hillary stays on: clinton’s cv is chock full of firsts: the only first lady to become a u.s. senator turned viable presidential candidate turned secretary of state. now a private citizen, she continues to be one of the most watched and listened-to women on the planet. all bets on that she will be the 2016 democratic presidential candidate and the free world’s presumptive next leader. she’s done little to quiet the chatter, including hitting the speaking circuit last month at an estimated $200,000 fee per event and inking a reported $14 million book deal.
1. 单词muscular 联想记忆:
2. 除此之外,它的设计者是92岁的黄永玉大师,一位著名的画家,使它成为了极具收藏价值的物品。
3. 5. what are my core values? what is important to you as an individual? is it family, health, spirituality, work, etc.? make sure that you are living in alignment with what matters most to you.
4. ['b?:lru:m]
5. 6.微型人脑
6. adv. 真诚地,真心地
1. average age: 36
2. chinese telecommunications giant huawei filed a notable 2,390 patents, which was the second-largest filing by a company globally, after philips with 2,568 patents.
3. the director bennett miller saw mr. carell as a good choice to play du pont but didn’t want him to be too recognizable. he charged the makeup designer bill corso with the task of altering mr. carell’s look.
4. ['?nim'pl?im?nt]
5. when a cup is placed on a dispenser, a magnet lifts to let beer flow in.
6. yet the pizza is far from the first recipe to incorporate a bit of the precious metal. earlier this year, bj?rn delacruz, the owner of filipino restaurant the manila social club, in williamsburg, new york, created the pricey golden cristal ube donut.
1. whatever the underlying cause, last year’s extreme warmth in the west meant that alaska, arizona, california and nevada all set temperature records. some parts of california essentially had no winter last year, with temperatures sometimes running 10 to 15 degrees above normal for the season. the temperature in anchorage, alaska’s largest city, never fell below zero in 2014, the first time that has happened in 101 years of record-keeping for the city.
2. golden state warriors point guard stephen curry said he has visited china every year since 2013 and the fans there are incredibly supportive.
3. minutes
4. us news also offers subject-focused rankings, which include popular fields such as computer science, economics and business and engineering.
5. china does not want to see a trade war between the us and china. that would not make our trade fairer and cause loss for the both sides.
6. mr karl added: “we would have likely had a record [year] even without el , but it pushed it way over the top.”


1. given that travel costs to russia may surge in 2018 when the fifa world cup will take place there, visiting this year would be a smarter choice.
2. 人们可能会认为,由于课程的灵活性,与全日制项目相比,在线mba项目将更吸引女性。然而,2016年英国《金融时报》在线mba排行榜的数据显示,女性占总学员数量的30%。在全日制项目中,女学员占到了35%。
3. the computer is a very powerful machine built with arm processors, the kind low-power processors that run smartphones and tablets. these servers allow more computing power o be packed into a smaller space. and that has big implications for building green-but-powerful data centers."i think of myself as an entrepreneur besides just being an electrical engineer. i believe what i'm doing can have a major effective on the world," sohmers said.he dropped out of high school to join peter thiel's controversial startup accelerator, the 20 under 20 thiel fellowship. thiel, the former paypal ceo and famous silicon valley venture capitalist known for his early investment in facebook, is a libertarian who has often spoken out about the absurd cost of college these days.so in 2011, he started a program that encourages kids to start companies instead of going to college. it gives them $100,000 in seed money and access to some of the valley's greatest technologists as mentors.sohmers is an electrical engineering prodigy who at age 13 started working at the research lab at mit. that's where he met his co-founder and cto, keville, he said.



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    viewers of online live broadcasting can send virtual gifts, which they purchase, to broadcasters. gifts range from 0.1 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan. a percentage of the money goes to the platform.

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    全球新职介绍公司challenger gray & christmas 的执行总裁john challenger 说:“经济不景气之后,总会有个就业复苏期,但是我们的确对2010年的就业率不抱多少乐观态度。”

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    prince miteb bin abdullah, one of the most senior saudi royals detained in the kingdom's corruption crackdown, has been released after reaching a settlement deal believed to exceed the equivalent of $1 billion, an official involved in the anti-graft campaign said.

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    the top-earning woman in the music business has been cashing in on a massive world tour, a constant stream of hit singles and a string of endorsements with a slew of major companies, while occasionally throwing thinly veiled barbs at her chief rival.

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    but the impact of corporate stinginess can go beyond simply ruining employees’ lunar new year holiday, possibly coming back to bite employers: 39 per cent of respondents said they would look for work elsewhere if their year-end bonus was not up to snuff, an increase of 2.3 percentage points from 2015.

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    while a way must be found to aggregate those views, it will always be defective.

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