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1. 节目13 歌曲《嫦娥》,李玉刚 景海鹏 刘旺 刘洋
2. 《我们这一天/我们的生活》
3. house prices in china continue to fall as investors shift focus from the property market into equities.
4. 路透社(reuters)以中国国家统计局发布的70个大中城市的数据为基础,计算得出的加权平均值显示,新建住宅均价同比上涨12.6%,涨幅较10月份仅高了0.3个百分点,而前几个月经常一下子出现一两个百分点的跃升。
5. 两人的正式获奖词说的是表彰其“稳定匹配理论和市场设计实践”。
6. a few years back, a flying bicycle called the "paravelo" was invented. and it isn't called a flying bicycle for fun. it is a bicycle (with a large parachute on top) that actually flies. it travels around 25 kilometers per hour (15 mph) on land and 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph) in the air. it can also fly up to a height of 1,200 meters (4,000 ft). the best part? you don't need a pilot's license. the paravelo has been called the world's first flying bicycle, a title we must point out it does not really own.
1. *guest actress in a drama series: margo martindale, “the americans”
2. 尽管你会忙个不停,但是不要忘记赞美生活中不完美的地方。我在徒步攀登喜马拉雅山的十天中了解到生活也有美好的缺陷。高山峻岭的陡峭边缘,午后骤降的冰雹风暴,都给人带来种种不便,但是却为登山旅途增添了几分妙趣。我敏锐地感觉到,在我追求完美事业的过程中,我往往没有认识到,不完美的地方也是我们自身的核心特质,需要保留下来,而不是经常改变。
3. although the original book got 7.9 out of 10 on douban, the tv version only got 5 for its poor adaptation.
4. unlike several items on this list, artificial pancreas aren't still in some early development stage. the device very much exists and got fda approval for sale this past september.
5. 萨拉考林斯
6. ann hand
1. 谎言3:是的,这挺有道理的。说谎原因:方案二会让我显得毫无头绪。
2. 单词conduct 联想记忆:
3. will the saudi aramco public offering debut on an international market
4. 狗狗雨伞正流行。可爱又有趣的,也非常实用。
5. leading the pack of the best airlines for holiday travel is hawaiian airlines, followed by another pacific coast-focused carrier, alaska airlines. conversely, the worst airline for holiday travel is new york-based jetblue airways, with expressjet, a regional carrier, coming in next to last, according to the flightaware data.
6. tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
1. 就目前而言,虽然偶尔出现一些高价交易(比如大新金融中心、以21亿港元售出的太平山顶豪宅),但整个行业弥漫着广泛的悲观情绪。世邦魏理仕数据显示,今年第一季度房地产业最活跃的部分是写字楼,但交易总量也不过8笔。
2. 单词affection 联想记忆:
3. people have been predicting consolidation in this very fragmented sector for years and there have indeed been big mergers recently. but there is little doubt that price pressures on city law firms are intensifying.
4. 怎样写简历?
5. i did not create the characters inaldnoah. i made the mainframe of the story until the preliminary version. butin fact inaho's character is different than what i wrote. i don't really have aconnection with this character, so this is an exception.
6. one of the main strengths of the lbs programmes is the wide range of students from different countries. more than 90 per cent in its 2015 mba cohort were from overseas, coming from about 60 different countries.


1. after an investigation, rongchang police arrested zhou on april 29 for endangering public security, according to the chongqing morning post.
2. vt. 祝贺
3. ['triti]



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    local-level work experience will advantageous for applicants, with personnel with more than two years of experience at this level given some advantage.

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    china's actual use of foreign capital during the 2010-2015 period is expected to reach 620 billion usdollars with the tertiary sector taking over 60 percent of total foreign capital. outbound direct investment grew at 14.2 percent annually.

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    big-spending us firms are forcing their uk counterparts to increase salaries right the way from newly qualifieds to the top rainmakers — though that did not stop david higgins, private equity star at freshfields, from decamping to kirkland & ellis just before christmas. boutique specialists are luring clients away by offering faster, more focused services.

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