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1. vt. 包含,容纳,克制,抑制
2. on monday night, ankara confirmed that the dutch ambassador would not be welcome to return to turkey.
3. the paper quoted a number of students from the incoming class, who had a range of responses, including two who said it was the right approach to withdraw the offers. "i do not know how those offensive images could be defended," one student said.
4. 凯文·史派西、摩根·弗里曼这样的明星也难逃一劫,被指控性侵演员,积极的网友在网上用标签分享各自的心路历程。
5. 这部20世纪70年代黑色幽默犯罪电影的主角,是诈骗高手欧文·罗森菲尔德和他的情妇西德尼·普鲁塞尔,他们被一名联邦调查局(fbi)干员抓获,然后被迫欺骗腐败的政治家。二人继续与干员、政治家目标以及自己的家人周旋,最终达成豁免协议,得以不受任何刑事指控就脱离苦海。
6. crime罪行 al表名词,“人,物,状态”→犯罪分子
1. if you outsource any or all of your content writing, you need to make sure your content is original. paste content into copyscape’s analyzer tool, and you’ll instantly know whether the content is original.
2. jack ma and his family's total wealth in it industry was 195 billion yuan, followed by tencent holdings founder pony ma, whose wealth increased by 30% year-on-year to 134 billion yuan.
3. 单词deputy 联想记忆:
4. however, you know when your cycles are over when the washer and dryer stop making noise. and you know when the weather is ugly by simply looking outside, or checking your weather app. therefore, the product is basically just another way hackers can get into your home.
5. 波比的父亲,28岁的安顿,承认他一开始对波比的风格路线有所顾虑,不过现在他已经欣然接受这件事了。
6. though many people associate porsche with pure performance cars, in recent years the brand has expanded their lineup to include the panamera, a luxury large car shown here, as well as the cayenne and macan suvs. according to most reviewers, the panamera not only lives up to the performance heritage of the porsche’s brand, but also coddles occupants with an opulent interior and the connectivity features today’s luxury buyer demands.
1. 2. tell all your friends not to give birth or wed or die or whatever during the world cup coz we won’t go.
2. n. 理解力,智力
3. mavericks owner mark cuban has made riskier bets than this, though, and he didn't part with much of consequence (justin anderson and a fake first-round pick) for a shot at working noel into a lob-finishing/rim-protecting life as the next tyson chandler.
4. ranked 10th position, industrial and commercial bank of china is the highest ranking chinese company on the list.
5. 蒂莫西·哈顿(timothy hutton)的小金人对归属问题做出了最好的答复,哈顿曾在影片《凡夫俗子》中表现十分优异,并成为奥斯卡金像奖最年轻的最佳配角奖得主。在数年前的一次聚会中,他的姐姐突然从冰箱里拿出小金人,和啤酒一起随机放在某处,使宾客们能够碰巧在路上拿到它,从而提提神。显然,现在它还在那里。
6. “one employee threw a cup of coffee and walked out.”
1. 问:写轻小说和写动画剧本有什么不同吗?
2. average age: 37
3. outdoor space: the property is just shy of an acre and a half.
4. 1.fingers that store digital files
5. 高通(qualcomm)总部所在地的农民们肯定像它的雇员一样超爱这家无线电公司。每周,高通会在其总部圣地亚哥择址两处举办农夫市集。出售的商品从传统农产品到果酱、果冻无所不包。凡是订购了“社区支持农业”素食礼盒的高通雇员,在总部的一家咖啡馆即可轻松收货。
6. 在这个力求避免任何歧视的态度的年代,年轻一代开始不满邦德的大男子主义态度和不健康的生活方式,因此赫洛维兹引入了一系列会指出邦德错误的新人物。


1. adj. 暂时的,临时的
2. ?women fall for him because he's exciting to be around and this plays a much larger part in a relationship than most think. it's the key to a great first date. even the femme fatales assigned to kill bond fall for him. but studies show this isn't surprising at all. 007's character has frequently been accused of being sexist. this is probably true -- and only serves to make him that much more attractive to the ladies.
3. in addition, a total of 8,035 screens were newly installed last year, at the rate of 22 screens added every day. the total now stands at 31,627 screens.



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