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1. employment is crucial to ensuring people’s well-being. we will focus our efforts on facilitating employment to see that through their hard work, people can create wealth and realize their full potential.
2. china purchased 141,000 industrial robots in 2017, up 58.1% year-on-year, but foreign brands accounted for nearly three quarters of that, showing that the gap is still widening between chinese robot makers and their foreign peers.
3. theresa may is still facing resistance from within her own party. vince cable, the liberal democrats’ sage and leader, still thinks brexit may not really happen.
4. as institutions are brought under dictatorial control, the opposition is driven into rebellion or acquiescence.
5. 这句简练、言之有物、几乎可称之为妙语的话提醒我们,即便接下来的奖项都相当雷人,还是有人能够做到直白的。
6. lecent was with an unknown number of other youth when she was killed by a single bullet inside a home in a public-housing complex near martin grove rd. and finch ave w.
1. barrymore's condition was based on the real life of michelle philpots, who suffered head trauma in two separate motor vehicle accidents, which left her with a 24-hour memory. rather than using sandler's tapes, philpots has survived for over 23 years using post-it notes and her (amazingly modern, from her perspective) mobile phone.
2. the big tech backlash will spread to technology industry employees in 2018, as many question whether the work they do really is saving the world.
3. adj. 全球性的,全世界的,球状的,全局的
4. 4.thank you so much! i just love it! – because telling someone that their gift sucked would make me look like an insensitive jerk。
5. the nets should really feel free to tank out if only to get assets for the players who aren't integral to culture change and won't be on the next very good brooklyn team. that means brook lopez, basically. the market on him is weird, but presuming it exists, it should be explored.
6. by the end of 2015, shanghai's population of migrant residents had decreased to 9.8 million, comprising 40.6 percent of the city's roughly 24 million permanent residents, according to statistics released by the shanghai municipal statistics bureau on monday.
1. 银行业
2. dwyane wade
3. “现在黑客使用流行文化或体育活动中的常见说法来破解网上账户,因为他们知道很多人在使用这些容易记住的词做密码。”
4. the latest survey also showed the country had a narrower gap between genders in 2015. as to the structure of genders, the male-to-female ratio last year was 105.02, lower than the 2010 ratio of 105.2.
5. the reason for its high valuation is based on the fact that it was the first time china post released stamps featuring the chinese zodiac since the establishment of the people's republic of china in 1949.
6. 幸存的那只猫咪被命名特鲁珀,目前已经康复并找到了一个新家。
1. 曼诺拉·达吉斯
2. will the boj tighten monetary policy
3. 一个问题接着一个问题,从伊朗制裁到从阿富汗撤军,他的位置和政府态度之间的差别不大,但罗姆尼坚持他将更有效地加强美国的力量。
4. some 150,000 rural residents in southwest china's tibet autonomous region escaped poverty last year, according to the tibet poverty alleviation office.
5. 单词effective 联想记忆:
6. golden state equaled the 1957-58 celtics as the only defending champions to win their initial 14 games. the warriors are one of five teams in nba history to begin 14-0, and will travel to denver looking to keep it going sunday.


1. 5.ah, you look great in that dress. – because it’s better than being slapped。
2. the region boasts hundreds of miles of beaches and lakeshore, some of the country's oldest forests and waterfalls. best of all, it offers reasonable travel costs and sees far fewer travelers than big cities.
3. 根据电影监管机构数据显示,中国电影票房销售额在去年同比了增长48.7%

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    mr cook must balance that with the secrecy that surrounds its product development. already, there are whispers on apple’s campus about another secret project, on the scale of the iphone or watch, which is pulling in talent from across cupertino.

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    companies that cut support roles during the downturn, the report notes, will be "adding staff to help make departments more productive and efficient." that trend may herald a happy new year for job hunters.

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    the raptors entered february as the team that most needed to make a move: their hot start was fading, their defense wasn't up to snuff for a contender, they had a massive hole at the four, and they felt added urgency to make the most of kyle lowry's prime in advance of his upcoming free agency.

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    switzerland debuts as the no. 1 best country in 2017. the country, well-known for its history of neutrality, ranks no. 3 in open for business and no. 3 in citizenship.

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    jose's mother inma quesada told the el pais daily that her son "wanted to buy instruments" for his band los salerosos (loosely translated as "the salties"), in which he plays the trumpet.

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    the show’s sense of humor remains keen without relying on nudity, swearing and sexting. this gives the show a refreshing aura in an age where shows are constantly trying to push the envelope in terms of racy content.