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1. that growth in the value of inbound shipments came despite a strengthening dollar that drove up costs for importers. import growth valued in local currency terms reflected that relative weakness with a rise of 13 per cent in november.
2. "he was not on the intelligence services' radar," added the prime minister.
3. much of the decline in chinese imports stems from lower commodity prices, which in turn are a result of falling overall demand from china, long the world’s biggest consumer of materials such as iron ore, coal and copper.
4. law firms will lead the pack, with 30% expecting to add staff. paralegals with four to six years' experience are in particular demand, as are attorneys who specialize in "lucrative areas like litigation, health care, bankruptcy, and foreclosure law," the report says.
5. 2. lumberjack
6. 7. an unexpected new lung function has been found. researchers have found that lungs don't just facilitate respiration - they also play a key role in blood production, with the ability to produce more than 10 million platelets (tiny blood cells) per hour. that equates to the majority of platelets in circulation at any given moment.
1. anton, who works in the military, said: 'i thought the beyonce routine was inappropriate when steph first told me about it, but when i saw her on the stage doing it, it worked out quite well and everyone enjoyed it.'
2. 有时,它是英语中最可怕的字眼之一。但是当机会在你的职业生涯中出现时,你应该准备好说出这个字眼:yes。
3. 不要为wto哭泣
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5. icbc’s earnings per share were rmb0.77, down from rmb0.78 last year, and a pre-tax dividend per share was rmb0.2333, down from rmb0.2554.
6. we had everything before us, we had nothing before us…
1. 《固定电话》
2. among the year’s biggest surprises was the plunge in gasoline pries. economists differed on the economic impact—money in the pockets of consumers offset by declines in exploration and drilling activity—but everyone agreed that it was bearish for small cars and hybrids. the combination of cheap gas and a steep sticker price made the cadillac elr the runaway winner of the most disliked car of the year award. only 155 of the volt-based $80,000 cars found buyers in november.
3. actor in a comedy series: jeffrey tambor, “transparent”
4. 今年中央各部门及下属部门的招考岗位达到27,817个,创下历史新高。
5. 然而,3月份以17美元的发行价上市的snap,在最初上涨后下跌至约15美元,打击了市场对于所谓“十角兽”企业(通过私人筹资达到100亿美元或更高估值的公司)会有更多ipo活动的预期。
6. 7.thought-controlled bionic legs
1. 通过投资深化该国工业结构,从传统沿海城市天津和上海到最近崛起的西部工业城市陕西和四川,从稀有金属开采加工到复杂飞机部件的制造组装,中国正在为该行业添砖加瓦,并向世界展示就其商业航天行业而言最好的时刻尚未到来。
2. 3.现役军人
3. n. (复数)细菌
4. 周二在华盛顿dc倒下的大树把一条街拦住了。
5. 抵达太阳系深处的人类智慧。
6. 调查结果显示,今年大约有9.8%的应届毕业生选择“慢就业”。所谓的“慢就业”是指一些毕业生不着急就业,而是选择旅游、在家陪父母以及继续等待机会自主创业等方式,慢慢考虑人生道路的现象。


1. migrants working in rich countries sent home almost half a trillion dollars in 2016, helping to lift families out of poverty by providing financial stability, access to education, housing and healthcare, according to a global report.
2. de加强语义,sign标记,er表示人-做标记的人-设计者
3. in new york it is illegal for anyone to rent out a room in an apartment in a multifamily building for less than 30 days if a tenant is not present. yet almost weekly, someone writes to ask real estate seeking advice on how to skirt the rules. what if i swap apartments? what if nothing is in writing?



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    this year's oscar-nominated musicians are going to take the stage at the academy awards ceremony.

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    james bond themes 4. "thunderball" by tom jones

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    media reports from both countries, which have been involved in rising tensions over territories in the south china sea, lay the blame on the their respective governments for illegal foods entering their markets.

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    the next biggest provincial provinces were jiangsu, shandong, zhejiang, henan and sichuan, finishing in the same position as 2015.

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    伦敦阿格纽艺术品交易所(agnew’s)的主管安东尼·克赖顿-斯图尔特(anthony crichton-stuart)说:“如果没有意识到我们处在非常危急的关头,那就太天真了。人们的偏好出现了重大转变。但是如果拍卖会上出现一幅18世纪前绘画大师的佳作,而且价位合理,人们还是会感到兴奋。”

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