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1. n. (准备好演出的)节目,保留剧目,(计算机的)指令表
2. creditors have officially approved the mgm restructuring plan that will put spyglass entertainment in charge of the studio, getting it moving once again. mgm will no longer be a distributor, but a working studio, which now puts james bond 23 on the auction block and closer to an actual start date. here is the official announcement from mgm:
3. 1.you aren't learning anything new
4. 野村证券(nomura)的分析师表示:“我们预期这一轮出口增长的反弹不会维持很长时间,未来数月增长势头将恢复温和,原因是人民币的升值可能弱化中国的出口竞争力,且即使习主席和特朗普总统近期在北京会面,发生贸易摩擦的潜在风险并未显著减轻。”
5. the sales volume peaks at around 15 million per day, with nearly 700 tickets sold in every second.
6. the candidate
1. 卓越雇主排名:59
2. afi tv programs of the year
3. one of the more unique games announced at gamescom was silent hills, the latest sequel in konami’s bestselling horror franchise (which has also spawned two films). the world of gaming and movies combine in this new game, which is being developed by metal gear solid v: the phantom pain creator hideo kojima and pacific rim director guillermo del toro. the game will star the walking dead’s norman reedus.
4. 多名网友爆料称,周六日研究生入学考试开考前,部分试题和答案就已经提前被公布了。
5. payouts also varied substantially between industries and cities. the average bonus at financial institutions was over rmb17,200, while those in the education sector got less than half of that on average at less than rmb7,500.
6. christie’s biannual evening sale on dec. 8 raised just 6.5 million pounds with fees, about $9.7 million, against a low estimate of 12.7 million. nineteen of the 45 works, or 42 percent, failed to sell, including the two most highly valued lots — a 1582 watercolor study of a hare among plants by hans hoffmann, a pupil of albrecht dürer, and a fine 1770s francesco guardi view of the island of san giorgio maggiore in venice, carrying low estimates of 4 million and 1.5 million respectively.
1. [ri'flekn]
2. the highest ranked of these is fudan university school of management in shanghai at 40, down eight places on its previous rank in 2014.
3. 事实是,韩力不是第一个发明电子烟的人。早在1963年,赫尔伯特·吉尔伯特就制造出了世界上第一个可以用来吸入香烟味儿空气的装置。他最初的发明装置,不用燃烧,也不含尼古丁。他后来设计出了一个用电池去加热的模型,他也用了不同味道的水去制造蒸气。他把他的电子烟模型展示给不同的化工、制药以及烟草公司,但是他们都没有理会他的模型。
4. 指尖陀螺
5. 珍妮弗?劳伦斯曾于去年凭藉《乌云背后的幸福线》(silver linings playbook)获得金球奖,而今年再度登台领奖的她表示,获奖感言还是让她倍感紧张。
6. the joint sino-american programme delivered by the hong kong university of science and technology and kellogg school of management has returned to the top of the financial times ranking of the best 100 mbas for senior executives.
1. 新加坡樟宜国际机场已经连续五年在每年一度的skytrax世界机场大奖评选中获得世界最佳机场。
2. the second event of note is comac’s latest round of financing—it raised 15 billion yuan ($2.3 billion) last month in the form of a 10-year debt investment plan—combined with the memorandum of understanding (mou) signed in june by airbus and the national development and reform commission (ndrc). the financing and mou are intended to help bring about a fully developed, competitive domestic supply chain, the former through the injection of research and development money down the supply chain and the latter through the integration of chinese suppliers in airbus’s global supply network. the objective, as outlined in the “made in china 2025” plan, is for chinese suppliers to provide 80% of all parts by 2025.
3. social scientists, after crunching data from both sides of the atlantic, have discovered something surprising: it’s not the amount of racial or ethnic diversity in a community that predicts white resentment and support of anti-immigrant policies, but the pace of change.
4. as for the molecular motors, they’re geared up to bring huge potential to the fields of medicine and energy.
5. 5. 格罗斯警告:“庞氏骗局!临界点!信贷超新星!”
6. "it is very reassuring to learn that the government of china has set a target of 7.5 percent gdp growth while trying to keep inflation at a manageable level. it will not only maintain china's prosperity, but also help spur the regional and global economy, which indonesia can benefit from."


1. five schools from five different countries are ranked for the first time. singapore’s lee kong chian school of business is the highest new entrant coming straight into 36th place. canada’s queen’s smith school of business registered the best progression, climbing 32 places to 67th.
2. 你一直感到压力很大
3. 我们不会越俎代庖,不会超越区域去做不应是中国做的事情。



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    尽管在2008 年9 月被任命为美国时代华纳集团旗下《型时代》杂志总编辑的阿里尔·福克斯曼是榜单新人,很少参加电视节目,但他的时尚总监哈尔·鲁本斯坦现在是美国“一生” 女性频道《幻彩魔刷:寻找下一个化妆大师》节目的评委。福克斯曼的刊物在广告页数上领先,据称在2009 年上半年总计超过1000 页。

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    baoneng’s raid has been bitterly resisted by wang shi, vanke’s founder who has sought out white knights in a so far successful effort to retain control of the management-led company. the takeover battle fuelled a surge both in the price of vanke’s shenzhen-traded shares and mr yao’s known worth.

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    超级大坏蛋们将受命保护人类——这就是《自杀小队》的主旨。 一个名叫“a.r.g.u.s”的政府机构招募了一些罪犯帮它执行危险任务,罪犯们将得到的报酬是减刑。这支特遣小队的成员有小丑、死亡射手、哈利·奎恩、回旋镖队长、杀人鳄以及dc漫画宇宙里的其他坏家伙。

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    besides exploring the overall ranking, prospective international students can narrow their search by browsing regional and country rankings. these rankings were determined solely by how schools performed in the overall list.

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    第十步 如果以上几条都做不到——就公告天下说你有反社会人格

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