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1. the second half of this year should see a similar number of ipos, making a total of about 120 cases in 2016 with about 60 billion to 80 billion yuan in financing volume, lyn predicted.
2. “失业”是金融类最热门的搜索项,其次是“华尔街公司”和“产品召回”。
3. such insights are of particular interest to litigation funders, who back claimants in return for a cut of damages and who try to assess the likely outcomes of disputes before committing their money. but that may have to be 2019’s breakthrough, or probably beyond.
4. 他补充说道:“我很兴奋能有机会重返中国,并享受这个国家的文化以及把nba现场比赛的激动直接带给中国球迷。”
5. 很多人相信,对于中国资源环境来讲,人口已不再是主要威胁。相反,中国的人口危机已转变成出生率过低,社会老龄化加剧以及性别比例失衡。在中国的珠江三角洲等地已经出现了技工短缺的现象,所以不久以后,我们可能将看到计生政策上的重大变革。
6. 菲亚特(fiat)试图就投资克莱斯勒(chrysler)条款重新谈判。
1. 而今年的诺贝尔奖,更是一反过往青睐大型科技成果的传统,将大奖颁给了体积最小的科学新发现。
2. 5. “in jackson heights” the latest from the brilliant frederick wiseman has a three-hour-plus running time; maybe this explains why once again the dunderheads at the academy didn’t put him in contention.
3. may everything beautiful and best be condensed into this card. i sincerely wish you happiness, cheerfulness and success.
4. ceos: newbies mary barra at gm and mark fields at ford start playing close attention to the moves made by fca’s sergio marchionne. despite running his growing empire on two continents, marchionne tacked on a u.s market share gain of 1.2 points, unhindered by one of the weakest product lineups in the business and troubles with his much heralded eight-speed transmission.
5. 在解释他如何改动小说时,赫洛维兹说:“我想答案是在书中忠实于邦德的全部特征。”
6. may you have the best new year ever.愿你度过最美好的新年!
1. 《蓝色茉莉》(blue jasmine):按年代顺序排列,本片属于导演伍迪?艾伦(woody allen)自我更新晚期的作品。不过,从艺术角度看,该片算得上是伍迪?艾伦作品中最优秀的喜剧之一。该片的卖点是凯特?布兰切特(cate blanchett)的出彩演绎,曾在《欲望号街车》中出演布兰奇?杜布瓦(blanche dubois)的凯特?布兰切特这一次出演女主角茉莉,离婚后精神状态有些癫狂。亚历克?鲍德温(alec baldwin)在剧中扮演茉莉的丈夫,是一个类似于马多夫(bernie madoff)的行骗者。其他人物方面,在经历了欺骗和失望后,莎莉?霍金斯(sally hawkins)、安德鲁?戴斯?克莱(andrew dice clay)鲍比?坎纳瓦尔(bobby cannavale)以及路易?c.k(louis c.k.)等人扮演的角色最终都找到了自己的方向。
2. 自该学校的国际管理学硕士(international master in management)项目首次被纳入榜单以来,该学校的排名在过去两年上升31个位置。
3. which brands most improved their reputations in social media in 2012? and which companies made them worse?
4. [d?ɑ:]
5. 他补充说,原本的故事情节里有个无法回避的问题,因为格洛本来的设定是个深陷对邦德的欲望而无法自拔的女同性恋。
6. yes man is a heartwarming blockbuster that explores what would happen if you answered "yes" to every question in your life. jim carrey's character takes on this challenge and ends up learning korean, taking flying lessons, and getting promoted. he goes from being a pessimistic divorced man to an exciting trendsetter and finds a new girlfriend in the process. it might sound like fiction, but this movie is loosely based on a memoir of the same name by freelance radio producer danny wallace.
1. 部分在企业界的资助下,该机构将一流毕业生派到面向低收入社区的学校至少两年时间,而且也完全知道,其中许多人将会在这一时期结束后不再从事教学工作。
2. according to a national plan for technology development, by 2020 research and development expenditure is targeted to reach 2.5% of total gdp.
3. 6. you don’t just pass in front of the tv if i’m watching football, you better crawl on the floor.
4. only three hollywood productions, 'furious 7', 'avengers: age of ultron', and 'jurassic world', made it into the top 10 at the chinese box office in 2015.
5. 年龄:50岁
6. metals cases made up a record 46 per cent of the 233 anti-dumping actions brought worldwide in 2015, with the steel industry accounting for almost all of the metals complaints.


1. 你花在上网上的时间多于你工作的时间
2. may the bright and festive glow of new year candle warm the days all the year through. hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying new year that is happy in every way.
3. 其他在定制课程排名中表现突出的学校包括哈佛商学院(harvard business school),该院取得了今年最大幅度的排名攀升,上升9位至第5名。两年前,这所位于马萨诸塞州的学院还排在第18位。



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    5. 地缘政治事件。不久之前,石油供应稍有差池,油价就会飙升。比如说2014年初,利比亚内乱造成该国石油出口中断,油价应声上涨。在伊拉克, 极端组织isis领了部分地区,石油供应中断的顾虑也造成油价急剧攀升。然而,自此之后,地缘政治事件对油价的影响大为减弱。2014年最后几周,利比亚再现战事。但市场仅在油价短暂上扬后便把这一问题抛诸脑后。不过,历史一再证明,地缘政治危机是对油价影响最大的短期因素之一。(财富中文网)

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    the 5.5-percent increase this year is reasonable given a less anticipated consumer price index (cpi) as well as slower salary and gdp growth, said jin weigang, head of the social security research institute under the mohrss.