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1. 新晋的富翁包括第一位以戏剧制作人身份进入榜单的卡梅隆·麦金托什,wework的亚当·诺依曼和米格尔·麦凯尔维,以及图片分享网站pinterest的创始人本·希伯尔曼和埃文·夏普。
2. “brands that are known for going it alone are partnering with unexpected allies,” gilbert says. “if you dig into apple’s investment, the special projects team reads like a who’s who list of some of the best talent in the world coming from every sector imaginable.”
3. china has become the country with the most film screens in the world.
4. 摩根士丹利的分析师乔纳斯认为,model x的销量将会更加可观,但不是由于它的燃油经济性,而是它升级后的信息娱乐系统,以及独特的“鹰翼”式后车门。他还表示,如果model x没有赢得所有的年度车型大奖,他会非常失望。他并不是唯一一个这样想的人。埃隆o穆斯克和其他很多祈祷特斯拉继续保持当前势头的人当然也会这样想。(财富中文网)
5. the auction house says seven records in all were set at the geneva auction including the highest amount ever paid for a yellow diamond - $16.3 million for the 100.09-carat graff vivid yellow diamond ring.
6. 报道称,这些公共脸书群组的名字包括,“哈佛前1%精英少年表情包群”、“ucla超变态青少年表情包群”、“usc被宠坏的小少年表情包群”等。
1. 金发女郎乐队《花粉传播者》
2. 尽管法国和西班牙的商学院在“无工作经验要求”项目排行榜上位居前列,但英国商学院才是该榜单的真正“大户”,50所上榜商学院中有17所是英国的,领先于美国(8所)和法国(6所)。两所英国商学院——伦敦商学院和剑桥大学(university of cambridge)贾奇商学院(judge business school)——在“有工作经验要求”项目排行榜上领跑。
3. “the auction market is extremely selective,” said henry pettifer, the head of old master paintings at christie’s, whose sale total had been dented by a 15th-century flemish madonna and child by hans memling that the auction house had sold privately for more than 3.5 million and had withdrawn from the sale. “the availability of fresh material is limited,” he added, alluding to how few museum-quality works are in private hands.
4. the s&p 500’s total return of 14% this year was 40% higher than its 25-year average annual gain. wall street’s chief strategists spent much of the last 12 months revising their targets higher from behind. the index printed over 50 all-time record closes, with nearly all investment management professionals racing to at least pull even. a few characteristics made the u.s. stock market particularly difficult to keep up with this year.
5. directing for a comedy series: jill soloway, “transparent” (“man on the land”)
6. all held together with imported white stilton cheese, the flakes are interspersed on the pie with dollops of ossetra caviar from the caspian sea as well as truffles and fois gras from france.
1. 6.微型人脑
2. “我们现在从中国看到的情况不仅仅是巴西一国的现象,我们在整个拉美都看到了同样的情况,中国对所有市场的出口都在下降,”负责马士基航运在巴西、巴拉圭、乌拉圭和阿根廷业务的执行董事安东尼奥?多明格斯(antonio dominguez)表示,“已经连续几个季度出现这种情况,但随着我们进入(2016)年,这种局面变得越来越明显了。”
3. adding to the growing literature of sell-side analysts who think the answer to apple's (aapl) market valuation woes (down 35% since september) is a low-cost iphone, morganstanley's katy huberty has looked at china, the world's largest smartphone market, and done the math.
4. 上榜理由:食物、文化和恐怖故事
5. n. 检查,视察
6. mass
1. company: binary group
2. the killing of a sacred deer
3. st. vincent “digital witness” (loma vista/republic)
4. the eu is making clear it wants to use the void in us leadership on trade to nail down new trade agreements. the negotiations with the mercosur trade bloc in latin america have been going on in fits and starts for more than a decade. but the eu and key mercosur members like argentina are now pushing to conclude a deal by the end of this year. that would be a big statement planted right in the us’s backyard.
5. the magic have bounced between average and bad, and they're currently on a downswing. now aaron gordon and nikola vucevic are coming off the bench and mario hezonja is buried.
6. in a blog post announcing the deal, mr cahan said although mobile devices were shifting our daily routines, “most articles and web pages were formatted for browsing with mouse clicks. the ability to skim them on a phone or a tablet can be a real challenge – we want easier ways to identify what’s important to us.”


1. 其他专利申请活跃的中国企业还包括中兴、阿里巴巴、小米、比亚迪和海尔,这些中企均在欧洲迅速扩张。
2. leatrice eiseman, the executive director of the pantone color institute, said the joining of the two colors reflected “a soothing sense of order and peace” — presumably an attractive thing to incorporate into a product at a time of insecurity and global turbulence. it also implies that there is no line between “us” and “them.”
3. 他认为,地方政府通过卖地、强拆来追求gdp代价太大,早晚要还。“我愿意用一个政协委员的身份非常严肃地提出问题,我们是不是可以不要那么重视gdp?我们是不是可以选择减缓经济发展的速度?”



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