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1. 同时,城市周围的乡村地区将会进行修缮,低端的制造厂和公司将会迁移。
2. to ease women's concerns following the implementation of the two-child policy, the country should put in place more explicit regulations banning discrimination against women. these could include requiring companies to have a certain percentage of female employees, as well as tax cuts or other preferential measures to encourage employers to effectively implement the extended maternity leave regulation for female workers.
3. 据悉,地方级的工作经验将对申请者有利,其中有两年以上工作经验的人员将会具有一定的优势。
4. 单词response 联想记忆:
5. 课程安排:5个住校学习时间段,不住校时在线学习
6. 这是充满希望的春天,也是令人绝望的寒冬……
1. we will accelerate the development of emerging industries.
2. 周边环境:这栋房屋位于kenwood社区,该社区分布着19至20世纪的都铎式、地中海式、维多利亚式和殖民地风格的建筑,在明尼阿波利斯市湖链区(chain of lakes)的锡达湖(cedar lake)与群岛湖(lake of the isles)之间。这里的道路蜿蜒曲折;人行道两边排列着枫树和白蜡树。据该房源的代理说,该社区许多较老的房屋都已翻修过,而近30年内建造的房屋都推倒重建了。
3. 日食
4. price per square foot: $395
5. knot
6. “how you leave a position can make a lasting impression,” notes officeteam executive director robert hosking. that’s for sure. most (86%) of the hr managers in the survey said that how someone quits a job “affects their future career opportunities.” word gets around.
1. yan pu, head of portfolio review in asia at vanguard, suspects the asian product mix may be holding things back. for example, asian providers offer plenty of equity etfs but very few fixed income products. in the us, she notes, fixed income etfs are growing rapidly.
2. 声明表示,安诺杰在会谈中承诺将加强管理,增强与中国科协的合作,提升科学公信力。他强调,施普林格自然集团并非针对中国,他们也撤销过其他国家专家的论文。
3. but perhaps we are finally there. perhaps the curtain had to fall on the show before it could fall on that part of the ready-to-wear shows. perhaps the history hamster wheel that we seem to be on — which has seen us cycle through the 1970s as well as some of the big hair and bigger shoulder pads of the 1980s (yes, we are there again) — will finally stop turning.
4. 面对竞争时,与a型人格的对手相比,b型人格的人可能不怎么关注输赢,而是尽情享受比赛。
5. wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful new year season.
6. eccentric
1. 在过去的一年中,20多个省推出鼓励学生创业的政策,在创业期间,允许学生休学2至8年,并保留其学籍。然而,很多行业内部坚持学生应该首先完成学业,并先工作几年。
2. by march, there's a real chance two or three of these prospects stick out as franchise players.
3. bubloons are a hybrid between bubbles and balloons.
4. lucy kay 成为亚军,而正太组合 bars and melody 位列第三。
5. “i am so overwhelmed and elated that fur has been banned from london fashion week! progress!” faith wrote.
6. 利拉詹纳


1. 站在舞台中央,莱昂纳多发言说:“这是无上的荣誉,对我意义重大。两年前当我们置身于荒野当中拍摄电影,我们深深地被大自然的美丽和庞杂所感染。
2. coca-cola said that the consumer slowdown in china had hit sales, and weaker demand was forcing it to drive down inventory.
3. entrepreneur pat crowley, the hydrologist who invented the chapul cricket protein bar, used bigcommerce to validate early interest in his products and build the momentum to negotiate deals with health food stores and supermarkets. the team recently recommitted tobigcommerce, despite a compelling opportunity to switch to the shopify platform for far less money. “we don’t think we will outgrow them anytime soon,” he said.



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    "it's not sustainable growth because they're not being rented out and they're pricing people in the local market out of buying."

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    5.3-d 打印耳朵

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    a thin line separates confidence and delusion, and kobe bryant is straddling it. it's the only conclusion one could reach after judging the los angeles lakers star's comments tuesday after he tied the worst shooting performance of his career in any game in which he attempted at least five shots.

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    wardsauto will present its top 10 engines awards on jan. 15 at a ceremony held in conjunction with the north american international auto show in detroit.

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    the magic have bounced between average and bad, and they're currently on a downswing. now aaron gordon and nikola vucevic are coming off the bench and mario hezonja is buried.

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    15. an amazing coincidence one of the studios with the most on-screen diversity — it released “trainwreck” and “straight outta compton” (if also “ted 2”) — and with the most female directors is universal, which, as of early december, had gobbled up almost 24 percent of the year’s market share.