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1. rank: 1
2. other high points for the school include being first for alumni international mobility, second for international experience and third for job placement.
3. bad sportsmanship
4. terrible timekeeping
5. 凯特·温斯莱特(kate winslet)是另一位将其最佳女演员奖杯置于洗手间的英国演员。她因在2008年一部改编自本哈德·施林克(bernhard schlink)的小说《生死朗读》(the reader)的同名影片中扮演一位集中营的看守而获此殊荣。
6. 不过,增长疲软对年终奖的影响或许在2015年已见顶。当时,66%的白领员工没有收到年终奖。而2016年的比例实际上比2014年都有所好转,那一年未收到年终奖的比例为61%。
1. plum alley:
2. 是的,你想知道怎么去做好你的工作。但是仍然有一些你想要学的东西;否则,你就没有职业发展。如果你在工作中不能学到新的东西,那么已经是时候去找一个能够学到新知识并且有职业发展的工作了。
3. 亲爱的朋友,你们即将毕业,呈现在你面前的世界拥有美好的前景和潜力;这个世界并不仅仅以办公室走廊或华尔街的形式出现,而是令人激动不已的真实世界,充满许多未解之谜,以及让人陶醉的体验。我们当中许多人都忽略了这个简单的真理。
4. the latest survey also showed the country had a narrower gap between genders in 2015. as to the structure of genders, the male-to-female ratio last year was 105.02, lower than the 2010 ratio of 105.2.
5. according to the national business daily, the 16 listed banks plan to return 356.2 billion yuan to shareholders as cash dividends in 2015, a decrease of 8.3 billion yuan from the previous year.
6. attractions: paradise within reach.
1. you are so engaged in thinking of him that you don't notice that there is no no.12.
2. 如果计划生育法修正草案在星期日被中国最高立法机关批准,全面二孩政策的实施将不再会有任何法律障碍。
3. regulators in other countries will draw lessons from the success or failure of the japanese model.
4. the remarks by recep tayyip erdogan come less than 24 hours before dutch voters go to the polls in a national election that has been coloured by a heated debate about the role of islam in dutch society, spurred by anti-islam candidate geert wilders. mr wilders’ freedom party (pvv) is polling second in the race.
5. 单词charity 联想记忆:
6. it’s no surprise that credit is “pro-cyclical.” when asset prices are booming, optimistic lenders tend to make more loans and often feed the euphoria. when markets sink, lenders rein in risk and sometimes make the downturn worse.
1. 《大唐荣耀》于1月29日首播,在国内人气影评网站豆瓣上获得7分的评分(满分10分)。
2. they will get more creative in 2018, including on non-cash benefits. bank of america, for example, has just introduced a programme allowing employees of the global banking and markets unit to take a sabbatical — on full pay — for up to six weeks in a year. there are conditions: people must have been with the bank for at least a decade, and can request the time once every five years, to a maximum of three. but in a memo circulated this week, seen by the financial times, chief operating officer tom montag urged eligible employees to consider it.
3. it's a tall order, but if you want to go after one of the thousands of supply-chain jobs that are going begging, a solid start would be logistics training, available at many colleges and universities. some programs, like penn state's graduate certificate in supply chain management, are offered online.
4. wealthy chinese bought at least seven overseas islands in 2014.
5. kellogg/hkust dominated this ranking from 2009 to 2014 but lost out to trium in 2014 and to tsinghua university/insead in 2015.
6. then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do? 你们大人为什么去做与你们教导孩子相反的事情呢?


1. co-ops and condos
2. obama won the second to put himself back in the race. although he also won the third, foreign policy is not a major concern for voters and it is unlikely to result in any major poll swings.
3. 3. odesk&elance



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    9. 安布罗斯·阿钦摩西尔(ambrose akinmusire),《想像中的救世主更容易描绘》(the imagined savior is far easier to paint),blue note。小号手安布罗斯·阿钦摩西尔为自己在blue note公司发行的第二张专辑注入了类型不固定,富于探索精神的今日之声,有许多歌手和一支弦乐四重奏组合参与。和这张专辑刚发行的时候相比,如今的他有了更多评论社会的迫切与讥讽时局的精神。

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    在2017年ft对全球95个管理学硕士项目的排行中,虽然瑞士圣加仑大学(university of st gallen)继续蝉联冠军,但法国和英国商学院分别以24个和18个项目入围成为中坚力量。超过一半的英国商学院排名上升,而只有一家法国商学院排名上升。三分之一的英国商学院排名上升5位,相比之下,三分之二的法国商学院排名下降5位或更多。

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    common industries for college startups include catering, agriculture, it, transportation, education and culture. 13.8% of the entrepreneurs were interested in hospitality and catering, while 13.7% chose agriculture, the report said.

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