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1. 这是英国《金融时报》第16份全球emba排行榜。
2. microscopic as the subjects are, the benefits of the scientists’ research are set to be huge.
3. 7 august
4. the pancreas produce insulin, and if yours don't, you need to inject yourself with the hormone manually. diabetics are therefore trapped in a stressful routine of continually checking their blood sugar and then shooting insulin whenever the need arises.
5. 翻译:译言网虽然面临全球经济衰退,但你依然能看到生生不息的chanel,“我们依然非常赚钱,”karl lagerfeld坚定地说,他犀利的目光从墨镜后透射出来,好像这个事实就像埃
6. 单词jar 联想记忆:
1. 这些,都只是纽约人2015年将会遇到的部分问题。而且,邻居家的儿子在圣诞节收到了新的爵士鼓,你又免不了要头疼了……
2. one of the biggest trends i’m noticing in entrepreneurship right now focuses on access. innovators are taking what was once costly, time-intensive, or otherwise beyond reach and efficiently offering it to consumers. whether it’s learning new skills, inspiring a new interest, or tapping into formerly cost-prohibitive markets, entrepreneurs are finding new ways to bring the unique and specialized to a more mainstream market. we started to see this with collaborative consumption business models and i predict we’ll continue to see an influx of ‘access-based’ business models in the year ahead.
3. warm hearted wishes for a happy new year filled with all your favorite things.传统佳节之际,献上殷殷祝福,祝新年万事如意!
4. if you plan to visit brazil for the olympic games, and to focus on sport and having fun, google has you covered. in anticipation of the 2016 rio olympics, the search giant is bringing the 'explore' feature to brazil maps.
5. ['pri:vj?s]
6. ‘law & order: svu’ this nbc ripped-from-the-soap-opera perils of olivia (mariska hargitay) — psychopath rapist-stalker, tortured love affair, new baby — that took up so much air last season finally died down, and this season, the show’s 16th, the detectives got back to sex crimes à clef, including a ray rice-inspired episode about a star sportscaster who was seen on a surveillance camera punching the lights out of his wife.
1. the annual rich list of china's movers and shakers gives a temperature check on where money is flowing in china, and underlines the growing financial muscle of the country's super-rich.
2. 谎言5:你穿这条裙子真好看。说谎原因:总比说真话被别人扇耳光要好吧。
3. 习及一些领导人员已经明确指出,中国将会进行可持续发展、内需为依托的经济转型,为此中国可以忍受稍微慢一些的增长速度。于是一些预言家马上就下出结论,认为中国经济会因而立即大幅减速。特别是中国曾经有过这样的先例。在1978到1993年中国领导人进行改革开放,然而在政策施行的最初阶段中国经济曾经遭遇不稳定。
4. 中国国产3d奇幻/冒险片《捉妖记》2015年7月在国内上映后打破一系列票房纪录,成为2015年中国内地最卖座的电影
5. here are the 10 winners of the 2012 ig nobel prizes given to scientists, writers, and peacemakers who make silly but thoughtful contributions to the world, or as the annals of improbable research puts it, "first make people laugh, and then make them think." i can vouch for them making us laugh!
6. 愿一切最美好的祝福都能用这张贺卡表达,真诚地祝你幸福、快乐、成功!
1. n. 制作人,经理人,主办者
2. the company's stats also show that pop diva whitney houston's death in february attracted more interest than kate.
3. a thin line separates confidence and delusion, and kobe bryant is straddling it. it's the only conclusion one could reach after judging the los angeles lakers star's comments tuesday after he tied the worst shooting performance of his career in any game in which he attempted at least five shots.
4. wang chunfa, executive secretary of the china association for science and technology, has expressed deep concern over the retraction, which came just days after he met in beijing with arnout jacobs, the head of springer nature for greater china.
5. vi. 打结
6. one might expect that online programmes would appeal proportionately more to women than full-time programmes due to their flexibility. how-ever, data from the 2016 rankings show that women account for 30 per cent of enrolled students compared with 35 per cent for full-time programmes.


1. 上海独立it专家李亦在接受《环球时报》采访时表示,智能手机数量激增是网民数量增长的主要原因。
2. n. 雨燕,线轴
3. project management.



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    are the political upheavals of 2016 — brexit and america’s election of donald trump — a triumph of democracy or a threat to it? democracies must respond to legitimate grievances.

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    however, another 876 jobs being offered have not registered a single applicant as of tuesday, according to zhonggong. for instance, nobody has so far shown any interest in becoming a railway police officer in shanghai and xi'an.

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    managers are expected to manage the people below them on the corporate hierarchy, but the best managers also have ways of managing their superiors and coworkers on behalf of their team. many times this means effective communication, managing expectations, and requesting help in a timely manner。

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    if any movie can bridge the deep racial, generational and class divides in american life — at least for a couple of hours — it would have to be this revival of the ancient “rocky” franchise. sylvester stallone, shuffling into the wise old trainer role, gives perhaps the loosest, warmest performance of his career. michael b. jordan, as adonis johnson, rocky’s protégé (and the illegitimate son of his onetime rival and long-lost friend, apollo creed), continues his emergence as one of the vital movie stars of our moment. as for mr. coogler, with his second feature as a director he proves himself to be a true contender. (read the review)

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    thus it's rather a shock when you first encounter nick d'aloisio striding into london's bar boulud restaurant, firmly shaking hands and proceeding to outline his entrepreneurial vision. to imagine him in person, picture a silicon valley ceo blessed with an easy manner and 97th percentile media skills. picture a guy who can confidently expound (while maintaining steady eye contact) on topics ranging from noam chomsky's theories to the science of neural networks to the immigrant mind-set to the buddhist concept of jnana. and now picture this fellow trapped inside the gangly body of a british teen who might easily be mistaken for a member of the pop boy band one direction-clad in a hipster t-shirt beneath a fitted blazer, hair swooping over his forehead, taking bites of a cheeseburger between bold pronouncements.

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    he slipped a note through the door with the message "people stuck inside, please ask the property management for help," and hoped someone would pick it up and act on it.

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    shortly after cook's op-ed, the senate voted to approve the employment non-discrimination act, which would make it illegal to discriminate against lgbt employees in the workplace. the legislation will now be sent to the house for consideration.

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    how much: $1,975,000

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    the letter mysteriously arrived at the california university of pennsylvania, in the north-eastern state of pennsylvania, 10 days ago. written to mr moore, the two-page letter was postmarked 20 february 1958 and signed "love forever vonnie".