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1. people in fourth-tier and smaller cities have economic pressures close to the national average level in terms of income, education, medical services and elderly care, while family and human relationship stress are higher than second- and third-tier cities.
2. 不过,在这一反弹中也出现了奖金数额的下滑:去年的平均年终奖是12821元人民币(合1861美元),比2015年多了大约2000元人民币,却仍比2014年的平均值少了800元人民币。在奖金缩水的被调查者中,逾四分之一的人将原因归结为公司业绩太差。
3. this whole week was a train wreck: the unconvincing denials, the timing of the cousins trade on all-star sunday, the pathetic return value,
4. 当发生问题时,库克会迅速而无情地采取行动。2012年底,苹果过早推出了有缺陷的苹果地图(apple maps)应用之后,库克解雇了乔布斯的亲密盟友、领导开发ios的斯科特?福斯托(scott forstall),以及前dixons首席执行官、掌管苹果零售部门不到一年的约翰?布劳伊特(john browett)。此举传递出一条信息:库克不会容忍业绩不佳或内部政治。
5. 当晚的最大赢家可能还要属主持人蒂娜?费和埃米?珀勒,这是两人第二次搭档主持金球奖颁奖典礼,且她们今年表现丝毫不逊去年,创下了1,970万观众的六年来最高收视率。金球奖颁奖典礼由好莱坞外国记者协会(hollywood foreign press association)举办,举办地点位于加利福尼亚州贝弗利山庄的贝弗利山希尔顿酒店(beverly hills hilton)。
6. 'in total i've spent about £5,000 in three months on my three girls. one dress cost me $200 and she only wore it twice before she grew out if it - but i don't intend to lower my spending.
1. marlohe will shoot the malick film concurrently with the ongoing press tour for skyfall.
2. 在接下来几年里,大型住宅楼盘必须遵守第87号本地法(local law 87)——该法要求楼盘审核能源使用量,并保持系统以最高效率运行。住宅楼是纽约市最大的温室气体排放源,其排放量占总量的37%。“能源是一大热门话题。楼盘怎样提高能源效率?”管理着超过500处房产的firstservice residential new york的总裁丹·沃泽尔(dan wurtzel)说,“如果运营预算的三分之一来自能源耗费,而现在你可以降低这块成本,那么上涨维护费的压力就减轻了。”
3. commodity-linked sectors have been especially hard hit in recent months. mining-sector earnings tumbled 23 per cent last year. oil and petrochemical refiners also saw profits slammed. despite the fall in crude prices, many refiners remain subject to crude prices agreed to before the recent price drop, even as prices for their output fall.
4. we will maintain ethical conduct and moral integrity at all times.
5. writing for a mini-series or movie: d.v. devincentis, “the people v. o. j. simpson: american crime story” (“marcia, marcia, marcia”)
6. 然而,一位要求匿名的律师表示,teach first人从事教学工作获得的经验和自主能力可能意味着,他们会对再次从一家机构的底层做起感到沮丧。
1. 4. am i eating healthy? the types of foods we eat can greatly affect how we feel both physically and emotionally. eating too much junk food can lead to crankiness and a relatively low energy level, whereas eating healthy foods can lead to better moods and a more positive energy level.
2. 这一要求出自我国交通部近日发布的关于出租车、网约车服务的两项新规其中的一项。两项新规将分别于今年10月、11月生效。
3. 恩爱日新。即便没有一切,只要有爱便足矣。
4. 眼见克莱斯勒的市场份额呈现死亡式螺旋下降,菲亚特会最终认识到这个不中用的公司还真就是不中用了。预计菲亚特会在8月前扬言彻底和克莱斯勒分道扬镳,除非全美汽车工人联合会(uaw)和美国纳税人作出更多让步。
5. two bedrooms are on the second floor, including the master, which is part of a suite with a fireplace, a walk-in closet and a balcony overlooking the bay. an office down the hall also opens to the balcony. the other bedrooms are on the third floor. one overlooks the bay through the pediment’s fan window.
6. google's top searches for 2017 included matt lauer and hurricane irma.the search giant has unveiled its annual year in search results that show the top google searches in various categories globally and by country.
1. 日前一份行业报告显示,2016年中国网红预计创造收益高达580亿元,远超2015年中国电影440亿元的票房收入。
2. 这个belty运用现代科技追踪健康状况,水的摄入量,和动作,但你要花395美元,可能更值得买一个时尚的智能手表或运动手环。
3. chicago-based rival at kearney is also preparing for a change at the top, with a vote to replace johan aurik, who has already served the maximum two terms as managing partner, due to take place in the first quarter of 2018. his replacement will be expected to focus on how to pull at kearney out of the ranks of mid-sized players.
4. 在《招魂》一举成功后, 埃德·沃伦和罗琳·沃伦夫妇又推出了其续集《招魂2》。 影片讲述了1977年发生在伦敦的一个真实故事——恩菲德招灵事件。
5. facebook的品牌价值增长44%,该公司增加了新的功能,包括平安信使(safety check),让用户迅速通知家人和朋友他们是安全的。elspeth cheung表示,这些创新提高了这家媒体集团作为一个不可或缺的全球联络媒介的重要性,同时增加了其对广告商的价值。
6. state站,立 ment→站着说话→声明;陈述


1. 单词episode 联想记忆:
2. hua xu yin
3. 8.please aid the olympic authorities and organisers by demonstrating at all times that you are not a terrorist. do not perspire, take off your shoes, smile in a weird way while texting someone, or point and shout: "hey! look at all those missiles on that roof over there!" in fact, if you're not using your hands for anything, it's probably best if you keep them in the air where everybody can see them.

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